Summer bathroom

Updating your bathroom can add as much as 3% to the value of your home. Here’s 5 ways to make a big splash in your bathroom this summer, without splashing the cash.

Light can bring a whole new perspective to a room, so don’t be surprised when you start to view your bathroom in a different light — both literally and metaphorically — in the summer months.

You don’t have to change your bathroom every time the sun rears its head. No one has the time, energy or money to do that. But you can still draw inspiration from hot seasonal trends to create a cool, fresh and luxurious space.

We’ve fitted some pretty idyllic examples of refreshed bathrooms and shower rooms for AlbionBKE customers in recent months that embrace a fresh and stylish aura.  

Here’s how to make a big splash in your bathroom this Summer, without splashing the cash.

1. Keep your cool

bathroom fan with clock face

Now that’s one smart fan!

These days, you don’t have to worry about working out how to install a new extractor fan that’s in keeping with your bathroom space. It’s time to replace that old, off-white bulky extractor fan with a new one.

There’s a bunch of new slimline styles and finishes to choose from, like chrome, black, lighting

disguised as an extractor, self opening and closing – the list goes on. I’m sure that smart-extractors that sense the steam or unwelcome smells aren’t far from production either.


It’s not easy to change where there’s an existing extraction location in your bathroom (because of, you know, the giant hole in the wall), but with so many styles to choose from, you can keep your cool and keep it looking stylish where it is.

Lastly, it’s important to remember to keep your extractor fan clean and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. While it’s not always high on the priority list, it does make a big difference.

2. Spend less time removing the beach from your bathroom

Taking the kids, grandchildren or dogs for a day out to the beach, camping, or any other outdoor activity — all results in the same feeling. You’re apprehensive before the day even begins that you’re the one who will have to clean up the house as you return home and the day’s activities do their worst to the floors, walls and furniture.

Your bathroom can start to resemble the splattered drippings of a Jackson Pollock painting. There are two simple changes that will make your clean up operation feel like less of a mission: wall to ceiling tiles and Aquastep flooring.

3. A bath (or shower) big enough for the family


We’re sure a third change to Flash detergent may also help… #flashdog

It may seem like a little silly at first, but have you ever imagined what you really look like when your family pile in the bathroom for bath time? Here’s some things to consider:

  • Does your bath have high sides that make it difficult to reach into the bath to help a child wash?
  • Do you have tiles that go high enough to stop water splatter hitting the paint work?
  • Is your bath big enough for those romantic evenings when it’s just the two of you?
  • Lastly, is there enough space to wash the dog?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these issues, there’s a seriously easy fix. Use our free home design service and we’ll help you measure up your bathroom. We’ll find those extra few inches of space for a bigger bath or shower cubicle that could make all the difference to your daily routine.

Of course, you could always get rid of your bath or shower altogether and replace it with just one or the other. Our advice is to keep a tally of how many times you take a shower versus a bath to make the best decision for you.

This small slice of shower room luxury was installed by us this year, and is a great example of how soaking in the tub can be overrated:

bijou shower room4. Less fuss, more flush

Toilet flushing accounts for a third of water used in your home. Switching to a dual flush toilet conserves up to 80% of water compared to a traditional toilet. In numbers, we’re talking the difference between 14 litres per flush and 2.6 litres. While we’re not here to throw statistics at you, this is undeniably a win-win for your water bill and the environment.

Mereway Bathroom

Vogue White Wood collection from Mereway Bathrooms

If you don’t want to replace your old toilet, then you can retrofit a dual-flush mechanism for as little as £15.

5. Smart storage, minus the dusting

The truth is, no one wants to have to repeatedly clean the talcum powder off an endless number of shelves in the bathroom, just because you need the storage space. Integrated units are the way to go to enjoy a dust-free bathroom for longer.

If you have a small bathroom, consider the space above the door frame for towel storage, or some stylish shelves under the bath. These simple changes will mean no more dashing to the bedroom for another bottle of shampoo, or grabbing your towel off the banister rail.

Back-lighting one or two shelves – or even a mirror – is the perfect way to add a designer feel to your bathroom, without spending a fortune.

Mereway bathroom Adriatic Mussel Collection

Adriatic Mussel Collection from Mereway Bathrooms

There’s never been a better time to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. Pop in to get a quote and you might just get a free cup of tea. There’s a warm feeling you don’t get every day.