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This month, B&Q announced the permanent closure of its Homefit service by December 2018. Meanwhile, our complete kitchen and bathroom services remain as simple as ever. Here’s our view on why choosing local means better customer service.

Your local fitters will thank you

While it may seem like I am paid to say this, the fact remains that your local fitters are probably chuffed with the news. It is their full time job, their living, the thing that gets them up in the morning — and they’re no longer competing with one of many multi-billion pound companies taking a slice of the proverbial local-fitting pie.  

When a friend shares a picture of their newly fitted kitchen or bathroom on social media, you pause to study the pictures as if it’s a new Picasso painting. We all do it — either out of intrigue or sheer jealousy at their creation. You take a moment to appreciate the quality of the work.

But how many times do you see a company like B&Q post a picture of Joe Bloggs’ new kitchen down the road?

Local fitters use social media in this way to build trust with their customers. It’s why we proudly share our fitter’s handiwork on our Facebook page at all given opportunities. Here’s a bathroom we completed for one happy customer earlier this year:

Bathroom fitted by AlbionBKE

Speaking from experience (more than 12 years of it, in fact)

Our Managing Director, Dave Jarvis, experienced the B&Q Homefit service firsthand a good decade ago (before AlbionBKE’s inception) but ask him about it again today and the stories will keep on coming. He had a poor customer experience that left him out of pocket wondering what possessed him to upgrade the kitchen in the first place.

Disgruntled ex-customer feelings aside, Dave developed a sixth sense. He knew a good fitter from a bad one from the beginning. It’s one of the many reasons why AlbionBKE leaves its customers with a feeling of balance between affordability and great customer service.

Delivering the moon on a stick

B&Q have a select number of kitchen and bathroom suppliers. What you see in store, give or take a few online exclusives, is what you get. We’ve done some counting and AlbionBKE has access to 2 million kitchen and bathroom products. Yes, you heard right. 2 million. We’re Burton’s largest independent bathroom and kitchen provider.

You’ve heard of the phrase “promising the moon on a stick”? Well AlbionBKE can deliver that moon and it won’t cost you the earth (delivery is even free if you’re in the local area).

You could walk out of our showroom with every brochure we have, but we would recommend that you back your car up to our front door. You can come into the showroom when you want, we’ll design your dream kitchen or bathroom, give you some personal advice and guidance to go away and think about – along with a handful of brochures – while we get to work on your quotation.

Kitchen worktop samples stand

Just look at all these kitchen worktop choices. Photo credit: Chris Upton Photography

You’ll deal with one of our seasoned sales team and we’ll recommend one of our experienced fitters. Have your own fitter you would like to use? We’ll treat your installer like he is one of our own. Your delivery will arrive at an agreed time and with a friendly face at the wheel — who you may have already met during your visit to our showroom. None of this third-party delivery nonsense directing the driver to your door. We’re local and we don’t do vague four hour delivery slots.

Making home improvement accessible for everyone

AlbionBKE’s motto is not only about making things easier for our customers, but making your kitchen or bathroom a place that you love.

From bijou bathroom spaces to specialist bathrooms for disabled people and others with specialised needs, no matter the challenge, our team’s combined industry experience of over 50 years can make your dreams a reality.

Not only do we want to be the leading home improvement company locally, but we will make sure that our services remain simple, easy and affordable, like we have for the last 12 years.

You could say we do everything and the kitchen sink. Pun intended.

AlbionBKE showroom kitchens

Photo credit: Chris Upton Photography

So if you like what you’ve seen on our Facebook page, and you like our way of thinking, come and pay us a visit. We can’t promise the playful puns will stop, but we can promise you’ll walk away feeling you’ve received excellent customer service.

Albion BKE is 12 years old today


SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 9 – Sunday 10 June

How time flies…Our 12th birthday is this weekend and you’re invited. we are holding competitions, discounts, special offers, freebies and even cake for all visitors!

Our open weekend is the perfect time to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. Pop in and get a quote and we’ll enter you into our raffle to win a hamper.

– We’re giving away a FREE wine cooler for the first customer to order a kitchen on our open weekend.

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